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The Lancet announces the end of all-male scientific panels to promote the representation of women࠼ Daily


Editors at the medical publisher The Lancet Group, with headquarters in London, are refusing to appear on panels if no women have been invited.

Chief Operating Officer’s insight:

14 Common Pitfalls New Entrepreneurs Face And How To Avoid Them

Overcoming Status Quo Bias to Boost Productivity

Overcoming Status Quo Bias to Boost Productivity

Overcoming Status Quo Bias to Boost Productivity Project Management Resources     •     August 1, 2019, 2:30 pm Some people push the envelope and others are happy to remain sealed in it, giving in to status quo bias. There’s probably a time and place for both, but when it comes to trying to work productively…
Surviving Agile 2019 w/ Priya Sethuraman LeadingAgile    •     August…

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